Technical consultant services

Changes in regulation issuing of construction/engineeting permits require alertness

In recent years, technical legislation and developments in the field of software engineering
require continuous updating by engineers. New regulations such as the Eurocodes, the regulation of Interventions, the regulation of Energy performance of buildings, the new building regulations, the law of arbitrary spaces and dozens of other laws and interpretative newsletters create the need for immediate information of all those involved. In ERGOCAD we work daily on
these issues and in turn, we make sure we keep you updated about all these developments.

Offering expertise and valuable experience

The new electronic method of issuing building permits, offers greater speed on the process but poses several risks especially on young engineers who do not have the necessary experience yet. Recognizing the special difficulties in our field, we have developed a department of support which provides services primarily on the correct application of legislation. Therefore, along with the support for every software, you can have a consultant for each study of yours.

Save valuable time and avoid mistakes

Within the frame of technical consultancy services, we have developed a special control department of your studies on either the proper use of software engineering or on regulations. In this way, you can ask us for example to do a sample study with you based on your own software, in order to identify any weaknesses in its use or suggest ways of improvement, in order to increase efficiency and productivity as well as complete without difficulty even the most complex studies.


  • March. 19. 2014

    Cooperation was announced for the exclusive distribution and support of the popular software THEA RENDER ITC EDITION on rendering and creating animation

  • November. 11. 2011

    Published and distributed by ERGOCAD to all Bookstores of 'Papassotiriou' (26), 'Protoporia' (1), 'Annikoula' (1).