Leading Software Solutions

The Software selection process goes through continuous and extensive research at
world level now.

Choosing a programme is one of the most difficult issues an engineer faces today. The harmonization of national regulations with relevant international ones (eg Eurocodes, energy certification of buildings,etc.) as well as the fact that technical construction projects now move in the same direction, have set new conditions on the market of engineering software.

Adapting to national regulations

The use of engineering software of each country,requires not only the application of the basic body of European and international regulations but also the adjustment to local legislation rules. At this stage, ERGOCAD executives with extensive expertise in the area, undertake the adaptation to the needs of each country's software applications in order to form complete suggestions. In this way, our partners have the dual benefit of both working on projects at international level and conducting studies with safety, reliability and speed in their own country.

The aim of ERGOCAD is to provide its partners with the most reliable software solutions.

Our company's sole purpose is to provide its partners with high level technical software. After applying control procedures on each programme for long periods of time, we are able to choose for you ,only the top ones for each engineer specialty . By doing this, we guarantee their quality, since we ourselves have already applied the programmes earlier.


  • March. 19. 2014

    Cooperation was announced for the exclusive distribution and support of the popular software THEA RENDER ITC EDITION on rendering and creating animation

  • November. 11. 2011

    Published and distributed by ERGOCAD to all Bookstores of 'Papassotiriou' (26), 'Protoporia' (1), 'Annikoula' (1).