Thea render ITC edition in Greece and Cyprus

Thea render ITC edition in Greece and Cyprus

Cooperation was announced for the exclusive distribution and support of the popular software THEA RENDER ITC EDITION on rendering and creating animation

THEA RENDER ITC EDITION is one of the leading rendering solutions globally.

Thea Render is the first commercial solution that contains a hybrid engine (Biased + Unbiased) for rendering a project with significant advantages for users of the software.

With the use of these materials,we can quickly achieve the photorealism of a scene as well as the production-movement, resulting in the images and videos acquiring high quality.

A very important element of Thea Render is speed, since it features sophisticated techniques and algorithms making use of the advantage of algorithmic optimization. This is the key to achieving superior performance on complex models and scenes.

ARCHLINE XP  2014 + ΤΗΕΑ RENDER ITC EDITION : The Perfect Combination

The combination of THEA RENDER ITC Edition with the program ARCHLINE XP 2014 enables ERGOCAD to offer integrated application solutions  to even the most complex architectural and
design studies

The leading RENDER solution is available on the channel of ERGOCAD

Visit the channel of ERGOCAD on YOU TUBE, and see the limitless features of THEA RENDER