In the workforce of ERGOCAD, there are executives and associate civil engineers, architects,
supervisors,designers and professionals of other specialties who have the necessary expertise and years of experience to support software solutions both in theory and in practice

  • Head of software/training department on structrulal analysis and design issues :

Giorgos Tsiamtsiakiris
Civil engineer N.T.U.A,MSc
Μember of FIB, GSEE (ETAM)

  • Head of software/training department on architectural issues:

Nikos Sfyris                                  Κyriakos Papadopoulos      
Civil engineer                                      Civil engineer AUTΗ, Msc

  • Head of software/training department on financial and energy issues:

Stratos Tsiamtsiakiris
Civil engineer N.T.U.A, MSc, Registered engineer for Energy Efficiency Certificate



  • March. 19. 2014

    Cooperation was announced for the exclusive distribution and support of the popular software THEA RENDER ITC EDITION on rendering and creating animation

  • November. 11. 2011

    Published and distributed by ERGOCAD to all Bookstores of 'Papassotiriou' (26), 'Protoporia' (1), 'Annikoula' (1).