Composite design - EuroCode 4

  • Ημερομηνία: 06/12/2014

Consteel can calculate and design all the types of structural elements required for a composite structure, such as beams and columns without making any compromise in the application of the corresponding Eurocode regulations for each structural element. It includes a complete design environment for the detailed analysis and design of composite elements, including fire design.

1. Composite beam design

ConSteel is capable of single as well as continuous span composite beam design in accordance with EN 1994-1-1:2010 (Eurocode 4). Partial and full shear connection can be also designed.

slabMain features:

  • Composite beam definition with profiled sheeting or with solid concrete slab
  • Automatic calculation of effective width
  • Cracked and uncracked analysis
  • Option for moment redistribution
  • Design resistance calculation for bending, shear, bending and shear interaction, shear buckling, shear stud, longitudinal shear, crushing of concrete flange
  • Automatic calculation of the optimal number and layout of shear studs for partial shear (if possible) and also for full shear connection
  • Clear and straightforward results using exactly the same symbols as in EuroCode
  • GSS cross-section model for precise section properties and elastic stresses

The General Solid Section (GSS) was created in order to model any kind of cross sections as accurate as possible. The model dissolves the section with arbitrary shape into triangle elements, and calculates the sectional properties by the finite element method. The section can be assembled with any number of different materials and the automatic finite element mesh generates separate triangles for the certain materials controlling the mesh size according to the elastic properties of the material, consequently the module is appropriate for the exact modeling of reinforced concrete, composite or inhomogeneous steel sections.

Beyond the usual properties (sectional area, second moment of inertia, etc.) the GSS model precisely calculates the torsional and shear properties like St. Venant and warping moment of inertia, shear areas and factors, etc., and these accurate properties are used in the global analysis.

The elastic normal, torsional and shear stresses can be also calculated on this model using a spectacular colored view. For reinforced concrete and composite sections the refined normal force-bending moment interactive 3D resistance surface can be generated with its coordinate plane and arbitrary 2D sections.compo



2. Composite column design
All the commonly used composite cross section types can be designed in ConSteel according to Eurocode 4:
Εικόνα1Fully encased I section
Εικόνα2Partially encased I section
Εικόνα3Encased maltese section
Εικόνα4Fully encased I section in hollow section
Εικόνα5Fully encased I section in circular hollow section
Compression and (biaxial) bending interaction check is performed.



3. Compound profiles of steel columns 

The library of Consteel include several types of compoumd profiles. The user can select one of the standard sections or create new using the easy guide of Consteel.   


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