Results, documentation and model export

  • Ημερομηνία: 03/12/2014

The results of the performed analysis are usually a huge amount of data so the efficient handling of it has great importance. In ConSteel there are two main possibilities for the demonstration of the analysis results: the graphical visualization and the result tables.

Results - Graphical visualization

Results can be visualized on the model or partial model in diagram or contour surface view. On the graphical visualization results markers can be placed in order to show certain values.


resultsanddoc result

Result tables

Three types of results tables can be viewed: extreme values by members, user defined values, and all values. The result tables can be arranged according to the values and can be saved for Excel.




In ConSteel there is a powerful and easy-to-use documentation engine in order to create precise, easily editable static documents that meet the requirements of the structural engineers and all the other members of the project.


Thanks to the different settings documents can be created with more or less details. Images can be taken about any part of the model and can be inserted into the document. Adding text chapters and tables are also possible. Any undesired column of a table or a part of a chapter can be deleted.


Multilingual documentation


The language of the documentation can be set from the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, and Serbian.




Direct model export to Tekla Structures and StruCad

The smooth and quick transition from the structural model to the detailing model can save significant time and cost, therefore the ConSteel has a high level interface module to Tekla Structures and StruCad.

Besides the export of the global structural model all the joint models appear in ConSteel have the corresponding joint detailing macro, so the designed structural model with the placed joint models can be converted in one piece easily into detailing model without additional drawing efforts on the joints.

             Tekla Export 1

Wire frame model export
Wire frame of the ConSteel model can be exported to the following softwares:

AutoCAD: Dxf ASCII file (*.dxf)
Bocad: sc1 file (*.sc1)
StruCAD: snf file (*.snf)

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