In today's design methods one of the most challenging phases is the creation of the computer model of the structure.ConSteel helps this task with a spectacular 3D graphical user interface making the virtual model as real as possible.

The ConSteel applies the finite element method for all the calculations using several element types. Analysis model is automatically generated based on the completely separated engineering model. take into account the effect of the connection stiffness of joints created in the csJoint modul during the analysis.


Composite design - EuroCode 4

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Consteel can calculate and design all the types of structural elements required for a composite structure, such as beams and columns without making any compromise in the application of the corresponding Eurocode regulations for each structural element. It includes a complete design environment for the detailed analysis and design of composite elements, including fire design.

The geometric data, mainly segments, are inserted directly in drawing mode, or by tracing a DXF or DWG file. With a user fiendly interface in several languages (italian, german, english etc) the definition of even complex structures is simple. 

In the ConSteel design approach great emphasis is placed on the integrated modeling and calculation of the global structure and its connections therefore a powerful joint analysis engine is developed as a separate module: csJoint.


The results of the performed analysis are usually a huge amount of data so the efficient handling of it has great importance. In ConSteel there are two main possibilities for the demonstration of the analysis results: the graphical visualization and the result tables.