Pushover analysis completed in a few seconds

  • Ημερομηνία: 12/7/2014

For the static nonlinear analysis the program 3Muri allows, as required by the eurocode 8, to apply to the building both dead loads and a system of horizontal forces that, keeping constant the relative ratio among forces, are scaled in order to monotonically increase the horizontal displacement  of a control point on the structure until the structure reaches collapse. The calculation algorithm is optimised to quickly perform the analysis even for large structures. 

The result of a static nonlinear analysis is the push-over curve, representing base shear versus displacement of a control node. From the obtained curve, the equivalent bi-linear approximation is defined and the global seismic assessment of the building is performed.  

These curves are intended to represent the envelope of the hysteresis cycles produced
during the seismic event and can be considered to be an indicator of the post-elastic
behavior of the structure. The right limit of the curve shows the displacement capacity of the structure. In 3Muri the following parameters can be defined by the user:

  • Response/elastic spectrum
  • Characteristic of soil
  • Control node and limited displacement (maximum drift dy or du)
  • Number of pushover analyses and each step
  • Constrains of walls
  • Direction of seismic force
  • Eccentricities
  • Type of diaphragm (type of slab =rigid or flexible floor) 
  • confidence factor (knowledge levels NL1, NL2, NL3)
  • Number of vibration modes in dynamic analysis



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