Structural analysis of masonry buildings

  • Ημερομηνία: 20/6/2014

The Program 3Muri performs non-linear seismic analyses (push-over) of masonry buildings, even in the presence of concrete, wooden, steel elements. 3Muri allows to input the structure characteristics through a graphic window with very simple commands. It then creates the model and calculates the solution. A post-processor allows to present the results and produce a calculation report.

Pushover analysis based on macro-elements 

The FME (Frame by Macro Element) Method selected by 3Muri defines the building by structural macro elements (such as walls, beams, tie rods, slabs, columns, tie beams). Both theoretical research and practical applications demonstrated that this is the most scientifically correct and effective approach. Damage observation on existing buildings clearly brought to the definition of the “masonry macro element” as the element able to better reproduce actual behaviour with a reduced calculation load.

The theory at the basis of 3Muri comes from advanced research on masonry structures made during experimental campaigns and from direct observations of damage due to seismic events, that have always been the source of interesting suggestions. In 3Muri the analysis concerns the “global” behaviour of the structure, since local safety checks in the different elements are automatically satisfied. Following code prescriptions, the structural behaviour is described in terms of displacements rather than forces, keeping in mind that damage is more related to the displacement demand.

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