Evaluation of the building safety against local mechanisms

  • Ημερομηνία: 14/06/2014

"3Muri LM" is a calculation module inside the 3Muri program, which is dedicated to the evaluation of the building safety against such mechanisms. The module "3Muri LM" exploits the versatility and the input ergonomics of the program 3Muri to finalize a spatial model on which the user can investigate the possible mechanisms.

In the existing masonry buildings are often missing systematic linking elements between walls, at the level of the floors,which means a possible vulnerability towards of local mechanisms, that can affect not only the collapse out of the plane of individual wall panels, but more extensive portions of the building.  

Simple process in 4 steps

The modeling process of local mechanisms in 3Muri includes 4 steps where the user may define: 

  • The masonry panels 
  • The kinematic Blocks (Kinematic Block means a part of masonry considered "infinitely rigid" on kinematic terms) subject to a movement of tilting respect another block or to the rest of the wall.
  • The Constraints (The constraint conditions must be specified in an appropriate mode depending on the mechanism type that would like to check) 
  • The loads/forces (It is possible to insert additional loads on Kinematic blocks caused by: Pre-stress value of the tie rod, Vault Push, loads from the structural elements that impact directly on the Kinematic block, etc...)

When the calculation of "3Muri LM" is done, a new window is apperaring that shows the section, and allows to see a motion movie with the deformity progressive of the section.

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