Visualizing the damage evolution at each step of Pushover analysis

  • Ημερομηνία: 11/3/2014

After performing the push over analysis, it is possible to visualise the damage evolution at the different analysis steps. Indeed, by moving the cursor in correspondence of the different pushover analysis steps, it is possible to obtain the animation of the damage spread in the structure.  

Through pictures, the variation of damage in the elements, initially undamaged then yielded and finally collapsed, can be observed. The colour legend on the right shows the meaning of each colour; Green=undamaged, Red=Bending failure, Yellow=Shear damage, Blue=Tension failure etc. 

The graphical output of the program allows to visualise the deformed shape of floors and walls at the different load steps, showing the damage level of the macro-elements. The figures of output show the numerical results given by the analysis (e.g. frequencies obtained from modal analysis, nodal displacements and so on). It is also possible to export the results in EXCEL or text format.

For each dynamic analysis it is possible to obtain the time history of nodal displacements or other relevant parameters (such as interstorey drift, elements damage and failure), automatically individuating their minimum and maximum value. 

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