For the static nonlinear analysis the program 3Muri allows, as required by the eurocode 8, to apply to the building both dead loads and a system of horizontal forces that, keeping constant the relative ratio among forces, are scaled in order to monotonically increase the horizontal displacement  of a control point on the structure until the structure reaches collapse. The calculation algorithm is optimised to quickly perform the analysis even for large structures. 

The Program 3Muri performs non-linear seismic analyses (push-over) of masonry buildings, even in the presence of concrete, wooden, steel elements. 3Muri allows to input the structure characteristics through a graphic window with very simple commands. It then creates the model and calculates the solution. A post-processor allows to present the results and produce a calculation report.

The geometric data, mainly segments, are inserted directly in drawing mode, or by tracing
a DXF or DWG file. With a user fiendly interface in several languages (italian, german, english etc) the definition of even complex structures is simple. 

"3Muri LM" is a calculation module inside the 3Muri program, which is dedicated to the evaluation of the building safety against such mechanisms. The module "3Muri LM" exploits the versatility and the input ergonomics of the program 3Muri to finalize a spatial model on which the user can investigate the possible mechanisms.

After performing the push over analysis, it is possible to visualise the damage evolution at the different analysis steps. Indeed, by moving the cursor in correspondence of the different pushover analysis steps, it is possible to obtain the animation of the damage spread in the structure.  

The FME Method has been implemented in the  program 3Muri by Prof. Dr. Sergio Lagomarsino, (University of Genova), Dr. Andrea Penna, (EUCENTRE, Pavia) and Dr. Alessandro Galasco (University of Pavia). The results of advanced research on masonry structures guarantee the continued development and the next versions of 3Muri.