Thea render ITC edition – Trailer - Features

Accuracy and realism are those features that make Thea Render standing apart. But this would not be enough if the speed of the render engines is not enough to deliver within time. With Thea Render you are making use of techniques of superior algorithmic design where renders can be delivered fast and performance is scalable with scene complexity.

Many render packages rely on brute force optimizations that are basically a re-write of the same code taking advantage of new processor capabilities. While this is an optimization always considered, in Thea Render it is introduced innovative techniques taking advantage of algorithmic optimizations; this is the key to achieving superior performance boosts and scalable with scene complexity. This is the particular reason why Thea Render can deliver superb renders really fast, even by early beta phase, while there is still room for brute-force optimizations
that will give additional boost in the future.

Thea Render comes with physically-based models on all levels; materials, physical sun-sky, participating media. And it made sure that these models do not pose any penalty for the render performance. Enjoy highly energy conservative material combinations, unbiased sun-pool caustics, accurate sub-surface scattering and many more. No need for using meaningless quantities that do not have a physical representation and are difficult to comprehend. Watch the trailer and try Thea render -Simply impressive!

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