Materials - Νew layering system

There is sometimes a confusion that a sufficiently accurate renderer can produce realistic renders. But this is not true; the material models used is the key to producing realistic and convincing renders. This is why we often say that the material system is the heart of the renderer. An innovation of Thea Render is the integrated solution.

In Thea Render, it is created a compact number of highly realistic materials using the most accuratephysically-based models. These materials are used as building blocks in alayering system that has been designed to produce highly energy-conservative material combinations. The new layering system is an innovation of Thea Render by taking advantage and improving state of the art techniques in material modeling.

Even more, the material systemis easy to use with the integrated material editor, designed to exactly match the material system and maximize workflow. The layering system is used transparently by the end user; adding coatings, stacking or mixing substrates are easily done.

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